Hi, i'm Nui

I am a Womb & Fertility massage therapist, Sacred Breath Work facilitator, intuitive, mother, wife, friend and seeker of the unknown.


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Womb & Fertility Massage

Womb and fertility massage is a deeply nourishing experience that is not like any other form of massage. It connects women to their body and creates healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

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Breath Work

Breath work is a practice of conscious, connected  breathing that is a somatic, full sensory experience.

Being one the most effective tools I have used to shift and heal emotional states at a subconscious level.


My love for breath work has flourished over the years and I am a proud facilitator of this sacred practice.

Although there are many styles of breath work I am a qualified facilitator of the Sacred Breath method of conscious, circular breath.

In my experience the sacred breath method is one of the most potent methods, this is due to the many layers of considerations that go into holding a one on one or group session.

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You  Are a Cosmic Force of Nature

There is a great energetic force that moves the universe. It ebbs and flows through every cell in your body.

The space within that can not be touched, is connected to everything and everyone.

Humans are powerful beyond measure and it is time to reawaken our gifts and remember.

You are divinity actualised, a vessel of infinite potential.

Within you lay the keys to unlocking your inner wise one, the inner sage, the part of you that just knows.

Sometimes our human experience can create subconscious blocks that prevent us from reaching that state of clarity and knowing.

If you are ready to reawaken your inner realm, honour your potential and come home to YOU there are opportunities to work with me one on one or in a group setting. 


I offer a full day womb clearing + breath immersion.

These full day containers are sacred portals crafted just for you.

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