Hi, I'm Nui

I'm a Womb & Fertility Massage therapist, a Sacred breath Facilitator, energy healer and intuitive.


I strongly believe that our re-connection to our womb and to our breath is the key to healing the collective and the planet.

The womb is where life is created and the breath is how life is sustained, by blending the two you are gifted a unique opportunity of connecting, healing and aligning to the creative energetic frequency of humanity.


Through many past life regressions and healing I have been reawakened to my gifts as a womb healer and ceremonial priestess.

The path hasn't always been easy to understand on a logical level and I have had to re-learn what it is to be human many times over.

What I do know is that as humans we are not living anywhere near our full potential.


Our ability to tap into higher states of consciousness for guidance, understanding and  is truly profound.

Equally, our ability to enter into the lower states of our subconscious to acknowledge, clear and recondition our cellular makeup is out of this world.

You do not have to be a Guru or sit on a mountain in silence for ten years to reach these states of knowing and transformation, all you need is the breath and a sacred, safe container to explore your potential.

I have studied Mindfulness, The Red Tent & Rites of Passage ceremonies  -  I am also the founder of The Teapee in Armidale NSW Australia where I do most of my work.

I am a channel for pure, source light energy. There is no higher self or guides that need to guide or filter this energy , I have had this ability for lifetimes.

I channel this energy to assist in to healing, clearing and aligning you to your greatest potential.

After several years battling with the overwhelming pull toward womb healing, I have surrendered to the fact that this is the work I am here to do!


I love exploring my own inner landscape and bringing it forth, into the light for full embodied expression.

I love music and dancing and am a sucker for 90's - 000's r'n'b and hip hop as well as soulful chants and thought provoking tunes.

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My awakening was accelerated when I became pregnant with my daughter in 2012 - since then it's been one major shift/ clearing after another.

From my own journey I know it to be true that this human experience is meant to be enjoyed, expansive and full of magic.


The inner well of knowledge is always overflowing and always calling us home.


Home to the fullest expression of possibility,  wonder and potential. We are multidimensional beings oozing with with infinite possibilities!

I love guiding people home to their bodies, their breath, their womb and the inner healer, lover and intuitive powerhouse.

I know there is still so much more of myself to uncover and that is the most exciting thing of all.

Life gets to be magical, expansive and so full of wonder. life gets to be easy when we allow.


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