Breath Work

Breath work is the practice of conscious, connected  breathing that is a somatic, full sensory experience.

We receive 90% of our daily energy from the breath alone and 70% of our bodily toxins are meant to be discharged  through the breath. 

How are you breathing right now?

Being one the most effective tools I have used to shift and heal emotional states at a subconscious level, I believe breath work to be the medicine of the future!


My love for the breath has flourished over the years and I am a proud facilitator of this scared practice.

Although there are many styles of breath work I am a qualified facilitator of the Sacred Breath method of conscious, circular breath - Where there is no beginning and no end.

In my experience the sacred breath method is one of the most potent methods, this is due to the many layers of considerations that go into holding a one on one or group session.

As a facilitator my job is to create a safe container for you to dive deep into your inner world and uncover, connect, heal and embody the multidimensional aspects of you.

Through ceremony, circle and the sacred art of space holding I anchor my presence within the space and allow the reweaving of self to actualise.

The breath is the bridge between the inner and outer world, the conscious and unconscious and is the gateway for profound healing.

Through the practice of CCB you can reach higher states of consciousness where profound realisations and "knowings" can occur.

Breath work May be Used to:

- Access physical, mental, emotional, energetic healing and insight

- Dissolve mental and emotional blocks 

- Heal unprocessed pain, fear, grief and/ or anger

- Correct restrictive breathing patterns

- Assist the breather in tapping into repressed memories relevant to healing

- Heal trauma, particularly birthing, childhood and ancestral

- Access ones inner wisdom and intuition

- Deepen ones capacity to support themselves and their loved ones

- Soothe the nervous system

- Increase clarity and focus

- Elevate consciousness

- Improve sleep

- Promote digestion

- Reduce cravings

- Experience mystical states

- Get in touch with ones spiritual essence

And more.....

The beauty of the breath is that it activates your inner healer, the wise one who knows exactly what you need.

When you have wandered far from your truth, the breath returns you home.

It is humbling to know that you have bought yourself home within.

We can seek healers, mentors and coaches, have energy healing and massages and practice self care - but there is something truly profound about breathing your way to transformation.

If you would like to experience a sacred breath journey I offer one on one or group sessions. 

The group session are small and intimate.

I also offer breath + womb healing session that assist to connect, clear and activate the womb portal.

One on one - $101 2 hours

4 x sessions $350 (save $54)

Breath work + womb healing - $160 2.5 - 3 hours

Group session are on a sliding scale of $ 33- $77 and go for around 2 - 3 hours

I also do private group sessions at $77 p/p, if you have 3 or more people, get in touch with me to inquire.

Given the nature of this work and profound states of consciousness that can be accessed and the physical experiences that may be felt, there are several considerations to take in to account before embarking on a breath journey.


If you are take any medications, particularly ones related heart and psychological/ neurological ailments, have had recent surgery or any other major physical or psychological challenges, please let me know upon booking.

Please reach out and chat to me if you have any queries!

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