Full day Womb clearing +

Breath immersion

The womb is the energetic portal of creation. A perfect vibrational match where humanity itself is created.

The womb and the earth are the most sacred of all places.

Our ancestors have endured immeasurable  amounts of pain and suffering for thousands of years.


As a result our cellular structure has been imprinted, science says up to 14 generations of memory live within our cellular makeup.

Some have experienced much heart ache and disconnection from our wombs in this lifetime alone and I believe the only way to truly heal this portal and restore balance to self and the collective is go to the source root of the pain and heal. 

Using massage and breath work I have created a an intimate container to venture in to the womb portal to connect, uncover, heal and align to your infinite feminine wisdom

When the womb is functioning with optimal vitality life becomes more aligned with your inner truth.

Life is meant to be full of pleasure.


It is not always sunshine and rainbows but when we take the time to deeply connect with our inner being we understand what true alignment feels like.

Creative energy isn't just for making humans. Aligning with your womb is aligning with the natural life cycles. It is understanding your own unique energetic map, feeling into your body deeply and honouring every emotion as an expression of divinity.

You learn when to create, when to dream, when to action and when to rest.

Life gets to be juicy and sensual and filled with pleasure. Uncapped creativity and energetic alignment is your birth rite.


Are you ready to reawaken your feminine essence?

If you are ready to immerse yourself into the temple of the womb, join me for a full day deep dive.

In this sacred container you can surrender, release, embody and even scream if you need. You get to leave the outside world behind for one day and focus on you and ask "what do I really need?"

There is nothing more potent than a woman aligned with her truth.

What is included?

8 hours inside this sacred container

2 x breath work journeys, crafted specifically for you.

1 x womb massage + 30 minute rebozo.

Morning and afternoon tea + herbal tea

Nourishing lunch with V, VG, GF, DF options available.

Take home meditations and LOADS more!

Investment - $555

These are only offered two days a month. Contact me to arrange a chat.

I look forward to diving deep with you!

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