I am so excited to announce that Menstruation Masterclass is finally here!

This has been a culmination of 3 years of personal tracking, many books read, many moons watched and so much personal inquiry I've never known myself better!

What I have laid out in this course is everything I have found to play a significant role in knowing your cycle intimately. This program will allow you to piece it all together seamlessly and leave you empowered and educated on you and how you operate.

In this online program you will learn about the bodies natural cycles and take a wide view look at your unique energetic map. This is a self paced course designed to equip you with unshakable confidence and knowledge.

We'll explore

Basic anatomy and physiology of your cycle


Exploring the solar seasons & your inner seasons


Feeling the moon phases & void crossover phase


The energetics of the two vias


Rites of passage & astro transits


Tracking your cycle


Exercises & rituals for connection


Discovering your unique cycle

Journey and meet you inner Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman & Crone to connect and embody these aspects of you.  Discover your inner seasons and gain insight into when you are at your most intuitive, when to take action, when to rest and when to play.






 4 + hours of video content, a connection tool kit E-book, 3 life changing meditations, printable PDF work sheets, a cycle tracker and  private Facebook group to share your journey!