Showers - a direct portal to the inner cosmos

I've been reflecting on 2018 a lot lately and taking note of THE tools that helped me navigate what could've been a challenging year - The realisation about showers and just how powerful they are made me want to write this and share with the medicine with as many people as possible.

There is something about water that is pure magic. It may be because it is a vital part of life, the planet and that we are made up of around 85% water - that's why the moon has such a pull on our emotional states, just like it does the ocean.

I started practicing pillar of light shower cleansing just over a year ago and the impact it has had on my ability to let go, surrender and make space to receive is almost impossible to put into words.

When I first started the practice I would get so lost in the vortex my husband would come and check on me to make sure I was ok. If water restrictions weren't a thing I could almost promise I would have lived 2018 in the shower.

The idea is to go into the shower with the intent of cleansing your energetic + physical body of any dense energy. You don't need to know what your cleansing away and practicing none attachment heightens the experience.

You may have emotions arise such as sadness, grief, anger, joy, love and all the feels in between. Allow them. All of them, to flow through you.

Either standing or sitting take a deep breath and imagine the water is pure light running down from the infinite supply of source energy above, all the way down from the crown of your head. clearing and opening your channel. washing away any dense thought forms that may be stored in your vessel.

As you feel the presence of the water on your ski, imagine you can see yourself being cleansed by a pure channel of light. straight through your body and down into the earth mother to be held and transmuted.

sometimes it helps me to move back and forth or in a circular motions - whatever you feel called to do, let your inner guidance lead the way.

this is a powerful practice when you are bleeding. It's like a supercharged "letting go" on top of the monthly letting go. make sure you drink plenty of water before and after and have a journal handy to write down any insight you receive.

Almost everything I create is received in these pillar of light meditations. I have cried, laughed and howled like a wolf during some of my vortex experiences. I have visited several past lives (I'll be writing an in depth recount of my past life experiences soon) I've healed trauma, ancestral trauma and resolved many perceived life challenges with this powerful practice.

I can't promise you any of this but I do challenge you to give it a go. We have to consistently clear our energetic vessel in order to receive. Empty your cup and allow guidance to fill you.

Please share your experiences with me, I'd love to here how this practice helps you!

Love, Nui xx