Readings, Mentoring & Light Healing

Want to feel aligned and inspired?

You don't have to walk this path alone, you are always guided.

Having read for women all over the world I have a client base that expands countries, lifestyles and cultures.


Through these experiences I have been connected to the universal light of love that exist within everything and everyone.

These sessions allow you to open up and receive during our session and long after it's over .

The 45 minute readings will give a map of where you are and what you need to do to get to where you are headed with faith and trust.

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The 90 minute sessions allow for deep dives into the depths of you. Connect to yourself and your light fully, and receive guided meditation to help expand and walk in your light.


Walk away with take home exercises to ensure you you stay aligned with what rose in session and tools to keep you grounded .


Light healing

Light healing is a powerful energy transfer that uses light to clear and activate your channel/ vessel.

The light that is channeled during each session is direct from the infinite cosmic light force that guides the universe.

This experience is unique.

If you would like to upgrade you vessel with some powerful light codes, book your spot today.

This session includes a 3 card reading.