Join me for a week of connection, healing, sisterhood



Wild Womb Revival - weekend workshop + breathwork immersion

Join me for two days of Wild Womb connection, sisterhood, healing and breathwork journeying.

For many women there is a deep separation from self, the body and the womb space. As a society we are facing an epidemic of womb + fertility related issues that are causing pain and creating chaos and confusion among modern medical professionals. When we do not address the emotional body of illness the chances of it recurring are very high and the cycles of sickness that is created by this has a severe impact on mental health and well being of our community.

I have crafted this immersive weekend experience to guide you to connect to your body through cycle awareness education, focusing on the emotional/ energetic cycles of the hormonal body, the womb, the moon, the seasons and how they relate and impact you month to month.

You will also be diving into the inner realms to meet the archetypes of these phases, known as the Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman and Crone - putting a “face to the name” of these aspects will transform the way you view yourself and others.

You will learn about the energy centers + channels and practices to open, clear and aligned.

You will be taking four breathwork journeys to connect deeper with this inner realm and clear away any stored emotional build up that may be preventing you from living your truest potential.

Emotions are energy in motion and as women our emotional cycle varies from week to week and day to day due to the factors mentioned above. My purpose for creating this immersive and deeply healing experience is for women to gather in circle, connect to themselves on a deep level, surrender to the beautiful cyclic nature of the feminine and create long lasting change within their lives.

This work is necessary in this modern world and although I am not promising any miracles (though they can happen) I can promise you will walk away with a deeper understanding of self.












What you get?

- Wild Womb Revival handbook with interactive resources covering everything I share over the weekend and LOTS more!
- 6 x take home meditations for ancestral healing, light body activation, womb breath activation and more….
- A tool kit worth $150 with lots of goodies to assist in connecting and healing long after the workshop
- Self massage techniques for healing and fertility (a take home video version will be available to you also)
- 4 x breathwork sessions + take home 20 minute guided breathwork journey
- Morning and afternoon tea with herbal teas and nourishing snacks
- A nourishing vegetarian lunch with vegan options
- An experience that will leave you changed forever!

I am deeply passionate about women connecting to themselves and each other. Something truly magical happens when women gather in circle with the purpose of growth and healing. My journey with my own womb connection has birthed the processes and knowledge I share in this immersion and it is with great honour I get to share this with my community.

If you have attended one of my breath journeys you will know how wildly passionate I am about breathwork and the amazing transformations it can catalise. Creating sacred containers and holding space for healing is a true honour and I would love for you to join me in being apart of this revolution of self love.

This immersion is for any woman who is ready to connect to her body, her womb and the inner wise one. If you suffer from any womb related challenges or even if you no longer have a physical womb or bleed, the womb is an energetic space. If you feel like you need something but you just don’t know what that is, this is perfect for you.

To live a spiritually aligned life is a gift I like to define with this quote -

“To be inspired is to be inspirit” - Wayne Dyer.

To live a life you are inspired by, to be in spirit everyday is a spiritual practice that is simple, the only tools required is your own willingness to align with your highest potential. In my experience guiding women back their womb space allows space and freedom to initiate their own journey. To be their own healer and to unlock a deep trust and knowing from within.

I hope you will join me on this weekend journey to revive the wild womb within.










About Nui

I'm a Womb & Fertility Massage therapist, a Sacred breath Facilitator, energy healer and intuitive. I have studied Mindfulness, Red Tent and Rites of passage facilitation and continue to expand my knowledge daily. I strongly believe that our re-connection to our womb and to our breath is the key to healing the collective and the planet.

The womb is where life is created and the breath is how life is sustained, by blending the two you are gifted a unique opportunity of connecting, healing and aligning to the creative energetic frequency of humanity and embodying the essence of feminine divinity..
I am passionate about healing the sisterhood wounds and bringing women together to love, respect and connect. Redefining what friendship and support means and allowing each and every woman to be seen and heard. I believe when a woman reconnects with herself and the women around her she ignites a truth within. That truth is what enables her to walk through life knowing, trusting, and honouring herself.

Through many past life regressions and healings I have been reawakened to my gifts as a womb breathwork facilitator and ceremonial Priestess. It is with great honour I get to share this knowledge and my gifts with the world.

If you have any questions about this immersion, about breathwork or are just curious to see if we are an energetic fit, please reach out for a chat!

When: September 21st - 22nd 9am - 5pm
Where: The Teapee 2/211 Beardy St Armidale
Cost: $500.00
EARLY BIRD $450.00 until August 31st - payment plans available

Because of the intimate nature of this work I am only offering 5 spaces for this immersion - $50 deposit to secure your spot

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