Womb & Fertility massage

Womb and fertility massage is a deeply nourishing experience that is not like any other form of massage. It  connects women to their body and creates healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Starting on the back we work the sacrum and lower back to release pressure points of built up emotional and physical energy. The sacrum is the back of the womb and is a foundational center of support for the pelvic bowl.

Then we roll you over and start with some abdomen work to get energy flowing and help to release toxins and energetic build up.

Making our way down to the womb area we use several techniques to connect, clear and strengthen your connection to your womb.

We finish the session of with a Rebozo, a Mexican practice which means 'pulling in the bones and calling back the soul'.


It is believed that whenever anything traumatic or painful occurs in our life a piece of our soul flees in order to protect us, this powerful practice helps to call those pieces home. This is especially powerful for postpartum.

What can it treat?

Reproductive issues
- painful or irregular periods
- miscarriages or difficult pregnancies
- bladder or yeast infection
- pre menopause or symptoms of
- fertility problems
- PMS/ depression prior to menstruation
- ovarian or Breast cysts
- abnormal uterine bleeding
- endometriosis
- fibroids
- migraines

Emotional issues
- sexual trauma
- miscarriages or still births
- stress
- held emotions
- childhood trauma
- maternal problems

Digestive issues
- constipation
- diarrhea
- bloating
- stomach cramps


I believe there is an epidemic within the collective, a disconnection from our core.  The core of our bodies and the core of our being.


The womb is a powerful center for creativity, passion, sensuality, divinity and directly links us to the energetic vibration of creation. The human form is created in the womb and birthed through sacred portal of the Yoni.

When women reconnect with their womb space they reconnect with the vibration of creation. Their ability to listen to intuition and take divine action  is magnified.

Our bodies are a sacred portal that, when functioning at optimal health allows divine communication to flow through and around us.

Prices & Packages

Initial consultation $180 - 2.5 hours

there after $150 - 2 hours

4 x session $567

6 x sessions $790

8 x sessions $1045

12 x sessions $1585

All sessions must be used within 12 months of purchase.

One off sessions are a fantastic self care experience, however, if you suffer from any of the above challenges I advise 4 x session consecutively.

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